Etansari Grafex is a Romanian manufacturer and supplier of non-asbestos sealing products for all types of applications, from the most common ones to the nuclear industry. The development of our company is based on our knowledge and expertise in this specific domain, as well as on the constant will to manufacture customized products according to specifications of each application.

Our expertise goes beyond the products that we manufacture to the equipment that they are used with. We offer you technical solutions that will help you improve the performance of your equipment at the highest level of quality and reliability. We keep in close contact with all our partners in order to receive a constant feedback concerning the performance of our products so that we can permanently improve their quality.

The materials that we use in the process of manufacturing our products are 100% eco-friendly, thus helping us reach the highest level of environmental protection standards (e.g: expanded graphite, PTFE products, mineral/ synthetic/ organic fibers etc).

We can help you find the right solution in case of emergency situations by delivering as fast as one can the products that you need, as well as give you the right advice in order to solve your problem.

Our goal is not only to offer you innovative and quality products and services, but we are also focused on developing long-lasting business relations with our partners in the spirit of sustainable development.

In 2022, Etansari Grafex became a member of the prestigious European Sealing Association (E.S.A.). This organization, which represents the elite of the European manufacturers and suppliers of sealing devices and materials, focuses on safety, energy efficiency and environmental protection, by developing the appropriate standards and the relevant legislation for this industry

Here are some examples of certifications and technical agreements that Etansari Grafex has obtained so far:


Technical agreement for the Romanian Construction field


AFER Authorization


TA-LUFT certification


Technical agreement issued by The Romanian Center of Technology and Engineering for Nuclear Projects


Sanitary authorization for the usage of our products in the food/ water industries