Correct storage and handling of the gasket

We all know and are used to the fact that many consumable products, including household products, have manufacturer recommended storage requirements.  It is important to know and follow these recommendations in order to avoid inconvenience caused by damaging them even before the actual use.

Just like in the case of any other product, gaskets should be stored and handled properly to ensure their integrity and proper functioning.  This can be achieved by following these recommendations:

  • Products will be stored in a dry, ventilated room, away from heat sources, direct sunlight and chemicals.  The optimum storage conditions are between 4 and 27 °C, with 40% to 75% relative humidity, in a room without windows, without dust and without any chemicals stored nearby;
  • The storage will be made in horizontal position, on flat surfaces and will be secured against damage or other possible shocks that could damage the seals;
  • Gaskets will be handled with care so as to prevent shocks or damage;
  • The gasket packages will be handled by mechanical means. In their absence, manual handling will be done on each package in a maximum weight limit of 15 kg.  If the package weight exceeds 15 kg, or package size exceeds 1000mm, it will be handled by at least two operators;
  • Transport will be made so as to avoid mechanical shocks (bumps, abrasions), watering and maintaining out of the sun, frost, as well as any other possibility of damaging the product;
  • Gaskets will not be bent or folded and the packing they were delivered will not be removed until installation.
  • Do not exceed the maximum shelf-life recommended by the manufacturer. Even if, for example, in the case of metallic gaskets, the theoretical shelf-life could be infinite in ideal conditions, in reality, excessive dust may cause compatibility issues with the sealed environment.  Also, humidity and moisture can cause oxidation of the metal parts.  A totally different situation is in the case of flat gaskets from elastomer bonded fibre materials.  The aging process of this type of gaskets involves an irreversible chemical process.  The speed in which this process takes place depends on the composition of the material, its quality and storage conditions;

In order to enable gaskets to function to the designed parameters, it is important that they are stored so as to minimize damage.  These recommendations will ensure a high performance over a long period of time and will reduce the cost of products wasted due to deterioration from poor storage conditions.  Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations!