The Romanian company with 25 years of activity, Etanșări Grafex has become a member of the prestigious European Sealing Association (E.S.A.). This organization, which represents the elite of the European manufacturers and suppliers of sealing devices and materials, focuses on safety, energy efficiency and environmental protection, by developing the appropriate standards and the relevant legislation for this industry. Etanșări Grafex is the only company in Romania with this status.

We are honoured to have received this confirmation of the excellence we always have as the main goal in our work. We have always dedicated our efforts to bring the best quality to our customers through the quality of the gaskets and seals provided. At the same time, we have developed new technologies that have allowed us, since 5 years ago, to include in our processes the digital transformation and augmented reality“, says Rodica Lazăr, CEO of Etanșări Grafex.

The field of seals is of the utmost importance in relation to the role that gaskets play in industrial equipment in industries such as energy, chemical, nuclear, oil and gas, industrial production, but also in the food and construction industries. Current customers appreciate the promptness, quality and professionalism of the Grafex team.

Throughout the manufacturing process, Grafex uses materials that are 100% environmentally friendly: expanded graphite, PTFE polymers, mineral, synthetic, and organic fibers. The sustainability policy implemented by the company has as main directions the reduction of the amount of CO2 released in the atmosphere, as well as the observance of the strictest regulations in the field of environmental protection.

Etanșări Grafex is a family business founded in 1996 which in 2021 reached a turnover of over 2 million euros and more than 60 employees. The quality of the manufactured products and the prompt and professional technical support provided to clients have made Etanșări Grafex become the main supplier for refineries in Romania, but also for large companies internationally.

The last two years have not been easy, but we have the experience to identify the best solutions to our customers’ requests. In 2022 we want to develop exports and continue to invest in the technical expertise of our colleagues. We try as much as possible to use the latest technology to streamline the production process and focus on sustainability and energy efficiency“, adds Rodica Lazăr, CEO of Etanșări Grafex.