Industria energetica

Energy Industry

Etansari Grafex manufactures customized sealing products for all sectors of energy industry: thermo-electric power stations, nuclear plants, hydro-electric power stations. Grafex products are manufactured from specific materials adapted to this industry and are certified by The Romanian Center of Technology and Engineering for Nuclear Projects.

Industria chimica

Chemical and Petrol chemical industry

The Chemical industry is a very important sector of the Romanian industry, having complex installations that use aggressive and even lethal substances. This is the reason why it is so important to have high-performance sealing products when using all equipment. We constantly try to develop new certified sealing products for this type of industry.

Industria petroliera si petrochimica

Oil & Gas industry

The adapting and management of European standards towards the protection of the environment is essential in this specific domain. The manufacturing of sealing products for complex drilling, extraction, deposit, transport oil & gas procedures, for all installations used in the process of making gas/ diesel in refineries imply a high degree of competence on the part of our experts, as well as their permanent effort to adapt to new technologies.

Industria usoara si alimentara

Food and pharmaceutical industry

Grafex products are being used with the specific equipment for this type of industry (e.g: sugar, oil, milk, alcohol, bread production). The sealing products that we manufacture for these industries have sanitary certification for safe usage.

Industria metalurgica

Metal industry

The extreme hard working conditions in this type of industry require great attention to be paid to the usage of adequate materials and applications. We provide high-quality sealing and thermo-insulating products that will ensure you a higher degree of equipment performance.

Industria constructoare de masini

Auto industry

Grafex provides complete sealing solutions to the various sectors of the Auto industry, such as: machine tools, aggregators, electric circuits, pneumatic pumps, cooling/ heating/ venting/ air conditioning pipes.

Industria prelucrarii lemnului si a hartiei

Pulp and paper

Being a reliable partner for the vast majority of wood& paper industry companies in Romania, Grafex ensures the usage of products that have a high-degree of efficiency in the reducing of negative effects in environment protection.

Industria materialelor de constructii

Construction industry

Grafex provides complex sealing solutions in all sectors of the construction market: binders, ceramics, glass, prefabricated elements. The sealing elements are being used for pipes that transport fuels and other dangerous fluids, or air for ventilation and drying processes.

Industria santierelor navale

Naval industry

Taking into account the diversity of this specific domain (machine tools, aggregators, cooling/ heating/ venting/ air conditioning pipes, etc.), almost every type of Grafex products can be used here. Also, we can provide professional services for specific metal constructions.