Snururi de etansare

Braided packings are generally used for valves stuffing box and pump shafts for various liquid and gaseous mediums.


Graphite braided packing

  • reinforced (Grafex® GA, Grafex® G2A)
  • not-reinforced (Grafex® GS)
  • various mixtures of carbon fibres (Grafex® GS04)

Aramide braided packing

  • Grafex® A1
  • Grafex® A3

Ceramic braided packing

  • Grafex® Cera
  • Grafex® CeraA
  • Glass Fibre (Grafex® Glass)

PTFE braided packing

  • simple (Grafex® T1, Grafex® T2)
  • graphitated with various impregnations (Grafex® TG1, Grafex® TG2)

Synthetic or natural impregnated fibres braided packing

  • Grafex® Acryl
  • Grafex® Acryl G
  • Grafex® RP1
  • Grafex® RG1

Grafex sealing sets

Are specific for stuffing box sealing and can contain only preformed braided packing rings or various combinations of preformed gaskets and braided packings. The main advantage of using a better sealing reside in an easy installation and the decrease of costs by eliminating the loss of material during mounting.