Placi din fibre ceramice

Simple or reinforced, ceramic fibre sheets are usually used for isolation coatings of thermic aggregates in industries, such as: ferrous metallurgy, metallurgy, auto, chemical and petrol-chemical, energy, glass, ceramics, refractory, lignite, etc.

Type CV thermic isolation sheets

Are manufactured from ceramic fibres and carefully selected adhesives, have a high level of thermic resistance, low thermic conductivity, low density and an excellent resistance to temperature changes. Due to the thermic isolation properties, thermal shock resistance and easiness in manufacturing, they are used with oven gaskets, high temperature gaskets, foundry gutters etc.

Standard sealing sheets are manufactured both in hard and flexible sheet.

Standard size: 1000x1000mm and 1000x500mm.

Standard thickness: 5mm- 200mm for hard type; 10mm-200mm for flexible type.

Type BA ceramic sheets

Manufactured from ceramic and mineral fibers that have a different thermic resistance, with heat resistant fillings and bindings. The technology is the same as the one used for the paper industry, in such a way that the manufactured plate is resistant to important mechanical loading and can be used as sealing material.

Standard size 1000x1000mm.

Standard thickness 2mm- 10mm.