Garnituri de etansare

Flat gaskets

After choosing the right type of gasket sheet suitable for your application, this is processed by stamping or cutting, thus obtaining the desired flat gasket. When choosing the right material, one must take into consideration the working temperature (maximum and continuous), pressure, working environment and other critical conditions specific to the application.

Preformed gaskets

Are manufactured from expanded graphite in a variety of shapes and sizes, according to client specifications. They are designed by taking into account pressure, temperature and the type of sealing fluid. The shapes of the preformed ring gaskets can be: four-squared, trapezoidal, triangular, or other shape desingned according to the application.

Spiral wound gaskets

Semi-metallic gaskets are used for applications that require an increase in temperature and pressure, and high loads on the flanges. The most often used semi-metallic gasket for high-pressure joints is the spiral wound gasket. Spiral wound gaskets are manufactured by winding an alternating combination of a metal strip and soft filler material.

Corrugated and grooved gaskets

Corrugated and grooved gaskets are part of the semi-metallic category. This type of gasket is a mixture between a metal and a sealing material that plays the role of an elastic element between the two sealing surfaces. The most often used gasket is the grooved gasket (kammprofile), followed by the corrugated and jacketed gaskets.

Metal gaskets

Metal gaskets include flat metal gaskets, sealing rings and lenticular metal gaskets. Flat metal gaskets are sealing elements very often used in chemical and petrol-chemical refineries, with installations, measure and control equipment, heat engines, etc. Sealing rings are generally used in applications that imply high temperatures, high pressure – or both, especially when reliability is critical.