Being a manufacturing company, we offer you our support in dealing with emergency situations, by supplying you in a fast manner the right product, as well as by advising you what technical solution is best suitable for you. Our professionalism and permanent care to always improve the quality of our products and services, helped us become the main supplier of non-asbestos sealing products for the refining industry, valve manufacturers, general and maintenance contractors.


Technical assistance

Etansari Grafex has the proper technology and trained personnel in order to provide technical assistance to its customers, helping you:

  • Know Grafex products and services, their quality and the right way to use them
  • Choose the right product for each application
  • Correct assembly of the sealing elements (sealing surfaces preparation for assembly, storage, handling and controlled tightening)
  • Train your personnel in order to know all Grafex product specifications and the way of using them

Personnel training

In January 2014, The Romanian Standardization Association adopted international standards through the approval of SR EN 1591-4:2014: Flanges. Part 4: Qualification Of Personnel Competency In The Assembly Of The Bolted Connections Of Critical Service Pressurized Systems.

If before companies used to rely only on the experience of the operators without being able to apply standards for analyzing their qualification, once the SR EN 1591 was introduced this problem was solved by imposing clear standards for training.

This norm established rules for operators that effectively assemble and disassemble flanges that function under pressure, and also for the personnel that supervise these operators and for the managing engineers. The purpose of this program is to acquire the necessary competences concerning the successful assembling, disassembling and successfully and safely tightening in order to obtain a perfect functioning of the equipment during its entire lifetime.

Studies revealed the fact that the main reason for the breakdown of flanges is the incorrect handling and wrong assembly of the elements of the joint. The design norms, such as EN 1591-1, talk about the controlled tightening of the bolts. This is why trained operators are needed in order to reach tightness requirements.

The correct assembly of the elements of the joint is essential for their optimum functioning. Even the best sealing can function only if assembled in a correct manner. Its improper assembly can cause not only leaks in the joints, but also stop the production – a fact which can lead to a serious increase in costs, or accidents at the worst.

In order to meet the above mentioned standards, Etansari Grafex provides lectures on personnel training according to SR EN 1591-4, approved by The National Authority for Qualification, an institution coordinated by the Romanian Ministry of Education.

Among the advantages of implementing SR EN 1591-4:2014:

  • High-degree of personnel competence
  • Improvement of service performance
  • The increase of trust of the clients in your personnel and the services provided
  • The improvement of the company’s image on the specific market
  • Economic benefits generated by the increase of the efficiency in services provided and the decrease of costs
  • The constant adapting to the specific market needs

LDAR services (leak detection and repair)

Directive 2010/75/UE concerning industrial emissions (IED) covers seven directives, thus gathering in one law a clear and common set of norms regarding the authorizing and control of industrial facilities, having the purpose of reducing industrial emissions in the European Union by using best available technologies. Chapter II of Directive 2010/75/EU (adapted to the 278/2013 Law regarding industrial emissions) contains applicable directions covered in Annex No. 1 – IPPC.

As far as the sealing technologies, the IPPC Directive puts emphasis on the protection of the environment by the following means:

  • Management commitment
  • Professional training
  • Installation design
  • Selection of the best sealing technologies
  • Monitoring
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Repair

Fugitive emissions are the main problem concerning sealing technologies – to evaluate leak rates in different working environments, from the harmless to the most dangerous ones. The usage of best available technologies in this specific domain leads to substantial economic advantages. The main reasons for fugitive emissions are: valves (shaft sealing), pumps (mechanic sealing) and flanges.

In the process of minimizing the impact of a process on the environment, we find it necessary to emphasize the main role that the equipment plays. Buying best available technologies does not necessarily mean achieving the best performance without a correct assembly and usage. The most efficient ways to protect the environment can only be achieved by using best available technologies.

In this respect, Etasari Grafex provides monitoring, detecting and repairing services (LDAR – leak detection and repair) as follows:

  • Conformity evaluation
  • Developing and implementing internal LDAR programs
  • Monitoring the implementing of the LDAR programs
  • Personnel training

Mechanical processing

Etansari Grafex can manufacture, upon request, high quality products fabricated through mechanical processing. We can manufacture products of up to 1500 mm in length and 1200 mm diameter.


Microplasma welding, TIG and butt joint welding

Microplasma, TIG and butt joint weldings have brought substantial improvement to traditional methods used in the past and were found to be useful in applications from industries like nuclear or energy. Grafex has been using these methods for many years, procedures that resulted in high-precision and exceptional quality welding.


Water jet cutting

Water jet technology is one of the most modern cutting technologies which consists of the usage of a high pressure water jet, or a water jet having abrasive particles. This cutting technology can be used in almost every industry and allows the cutting of any material, either glass, paper or steel. The advantages of this procedure reside in the possibility of cutting any material according to any quality specification. Practically, we can cut any type of profile, any configuration of thickness up to 200 mm.


Galvanic Coating

Grafex provides the galvanic coating as a procedure used to obtain a higher resistance of the metallic material. For example, during the zinc coating process, a thin layer of zinc covers the product, giving it an increased level of protection against corrosion.


Thermic treatment

Etansari Grafex has several electric ovens programmed to do various heat treatment procedures, such as:

  • Homogenization annealing
  • Normalizing
  • Spheroidization
  • Stess relief annealing
  • Hardening

The maximum length for a product is 750X750X500 mm.


Die cutting and stamping

Our tool house has four 160tf presses used for punching and stamping various metal products according to the clients’ specifications or our internal standards.


Valve repairing

The professional experience of Grafex personnel in the specific domain has helped us develop a new department that deals with the repairing and testing of any type of industrial valve.